Players X 5
Questions X 5
Laugh X 5

A presenter who counts as 5 is ready for anything…

The “5X5” is back! We asked 100 people and we are looking for the most popular answer to the question: “Where can you spend time and time again and claim up to 15,000 euros?” And 100 of us answered: “In” 5X5 “, with Markos Seferlis!”.

Every afternoon, two teams, two rival families, of 5 members each, guess the most popular answers to everyday, simple questions. The team that will collect the most points, goes to the final round, claiming 5,000 euros. The winning family has the right to play in the next two episodes, as long as it continues to win, and to claim up to 15,000 euros!

All family members, regardless of age and knowledge, have the right to participate. All they need to do is find out what the public has answered, because behind a simple question there is always the most incredible answer!

Markos Seferlis is looking forward to welcoming the new season to all the families who will come with humor, imagination and high spirits to have a good time, but also to claim a prize of many thousands of euros!

No one will be lost!

Executive Producer Contributors:Aglaia Latsiou
Project Manager /Editor-in-Chief: Antigoni Loukanidis
Director:Costas Yfantis
Assistant Director:George Kalioras
Production Organization:Rania Pegiazi
Production Address:Petros Papoutsakis

# 5×5

“5X5”, with Markos Seferlis: Daily at 16:30